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The other day we heard the incessant jingle of the ice cream truck outside the classroom.  One of my little munchkins, and by little I mean the kid is super tiny, jumped up out of chair and proceeded to shout “Spring has SPRUNG!!!”.

Incidentally, after reading this story about drugs being sold from ice cream truck windows a few days ago, well, I may never think about that jingle in the same way again.



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Teachers Do The Strangest Things

Kids, especially middle school kids, are always making strange noises.  They suck their teeth, they hum, they make clicking and licking and slurping sounds just to be gross.  They tap things – their pens, pencils, knuckles, fingers, notebooks, backpack straps, you name it, it can make noise.  It’s a cacophony of sounds on any given day.  Today, I’d just about had it with all that rapping and banging and tapping and smacking, so I stood in the back of the classroom and brawcawed like a chicken (and I make a very realistic chicken if I do say so myself).  They didn’t even notice, which made it all the funnier for me.


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Students Said…

My survey question: If I gave you a ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

Actual student answer, spelling and all: I would go to Hawii because I need some piece and quite from the hood.

My recent GEOGRAPHY quiz question (after the whole week of geography terms, geography activities, map stations, etc:  What is the ‘legend’?

Actual student answer: A legend is a famous person who dies.

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Hm…not so long after all.

So, I finally declare the end and all I can think about is funny things to post?

Today: I am reading the same book as one of my more adorable students.  He’s “emo”, one of the only ones in the class.  He’s got long, choppy hair that looks like it’s right out of a Naruto novel and he’s really short so he often ends up peering up at me through his choppy bangs.  He looks at me and asks “What page are you up to today?”  I tell him. “Ah! I’m 3 paragraphs ahead of you!” He’s so excited, it’s hard not to be amused. 

Later today: Same kid as above.  We are writing historical journals, they made intricate characters and have to respond to historical events, with letters or journal entries, as that character.  I ask him how he’s doing and he responds, ‘My character has been on a trip and so I’m writing a letter to my wife to tell her I miss her and tell her all about the Boston Massacre!”  So cute.  You might have to be there, but seriously, this shit is getting me through the day to day…


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I walked into my room to find a little mouse stuck to the glue trap.  I have mixed emotions about this.  One on hand, the little bugger and his friends have been terrorizing my room and ate my granola bar stash that I thought I had nicely sealed in a mouse proof box in a metal cabinet.  On the other hand it was so little and scared and you know they have to die a slow and horrible death on those things, which is horrible and makes me feel bad for asking for the traps in the first place.   I had the janitor come pick it up since I had no idea what I was supposed to do (I mean really, I can’t leave it there squeaking away all of class!).

Fourth period I was in my room attempting to get some grading done.  One of my non-homeroom boys, Needy, poked his head in the room to see if anyone was in there.  When he saw me he smiled, danced into the room singing “She’s  a maniac, MANIAC on the floor!” spun around and danced out.

It started snowing lovely, foofy, giant snowflakes while the kids were at lunch.  As they came in for homeroom, one of my boys, Dopey (it’s not mean, but he really is dopey, like of the 7 dwarfs), came up to me, pointed to his snow-covered head and said,”Miss! My hair is all sparkly!”  He has a little bit of a lisp so it was pretty cute.

Overall a good day, and the goofiness of the boys reminds me why I love middle school.


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Mista’ Moustache

At one point during my morning class I looked up from a group of kids I was working with and saw that Twitch had flipped his collar up and pulled his head nearly all the way into his shirt. 

I went over to his table and sat next to him. 

He turned to look at me. 

Only his eyes were peeking out from the top of his shirt and it seemed that something was a little off.  It took me a second to realize that the reason he looked odd (other than that he had his shirt pulled up to his eyes) was that he had colored, in pen, between his eyes so it looked like he had a uni-brow! 

“Twitch, could you please pull your shirt down and wear it normally”

He responded with a muffled “But Miss!  You don’t understand! Can I go to the bathroom first?”

“No…just pull your shirt down…please…”

He reluctantly returned his shirt to a normal position, thus revealing his reason for wanting to go to the bathroom.  He had drawn a curly moustache, gigantic sideburns, and a thin beard all over his face!  WITH PEN!!  Really, it was all I could do to keep it together!  He explained that he had been dared (and well, who can refuse a good dare?) but was now regretting his choice and was nervous that it wouldn’t all come off.  I’d be willing to bet it didn’t all come off (I wouldn’t let him out of class to wash his face…it was just too entertaining to look at!) but I’m also willing to bet that he won’t be in as much trouble with mom as he thinks he will be. 


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From a story a student handed in the other day:

“He knocked on the door and a very old woman about 34 years old opened the door.”



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