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Gross. Gross. Gross.

I may have mentioned a few times, maybe more, that the women’s staff restroom is more than 2 city blocks away from my classroom.  Every once in a while, when the students are at lunch (they are not allowed in the upstairs restrooms at lunch and the bathrooms are locked during this time) I pop into the student girl’s restroom if I need to.  Well, it was one of those times, so I unlocked the door, walked in, and a MAN’S VOICE called out, “Wait! Occupied!” 

For real? 

I was in there long enough to see the shoes, and the pants around the ankles.  That’s right bonehead, I know it was you, a GROWN MAN taking a shit in the student girls bathroom.  I should point out that the student boys bathroom is right next door, and the MEN’s bathroom is next to that.  This teacher had to walk past the men’s room to get to the girls room!!! 

Gross, and I know who you are.



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Protected: Madness. Part I.

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“Biggest Waste Of Time”

Tuesday morning PD.  What a delight.  These are pre-dawn (ok, a slight exaggeration…) so I am still in my caffeine-not-yet-kicked-in-zombie state and don’t typically absorb much of anything that’s going on.  Today, however, one statement made it through loud and clear.

“Every student MUST receive an award at the end of the year celebratory assembly.”

Excuse me?  EVERY student?  Apparently so.  The Almighty Administration’s (AA) position is that every student should receive recognition for something positive that they have accomplished.  Now, I agree that positive reinforcement and praise can go a really long way in terms of motivating a student, but this is taking it way, way, way too far!  The AA claim that an award can be as simple as ‘Best Smile’ or ‘Perfect Hair’.  In my book, those are superlatives and should be left to places like MySpace, Facebook, or to casual ceremonies that can take place within the smaller classroom setting if the teacher so chooses to do so. 

Awards should be for an outstanding accomplishment, preferably something that is difficult to achieve.  The only things that should be recognized in front of the entire school should be the highest academic/artistic/athletic/improvement/attendance achievements.  Meeting high standards should be difficult, and the praise should be there, but how is it meaningful when everyone gets something?  When I got an A in classes where everyone else also got a high grade, it didn’t mean much to me because it didn’t seem like a big deal. I actually tended to think less of that experience since the A’s were just given away willy-nilly.  Yes, I said willy-nilly.  When I EARNED my A because I worked my ass off for it, I got a lot more pleasure and pride from the accomplishment.

Nevertheless, we were required to create lists of possible awards, match them with potential recipients, and turn them in at the end of the meeting.  There are still a large number of students who have not been matched.  I came up with a list of my own for those students, and while clearly I can’t match their names here, rest assured that I have a specific student in mind for each of the following:

“Most days spent in the suspension center – 78”

“Most days absent from 8th grade – 93 (!)”

“Most times urinating/defecating in places other than the toilet”  (I haven’t been able to bring myself to write about it, but it involves radiators and a book bin in the science lab…)

“Most times threatening a teacher without consequence”

“Most fights based on racial motivations”

“Most time spent on office couch complaining of stomach/head/leg/hand/ear/nose/throat ailment”

“Most times calling out with curse words in class”

“Most hours spent pretending to read”

I could do this forever…


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Need. Vacation. Now!

Yes, your child is generally a good kid.  Unfortunately, today your little darling was a wee bit disrespectful and yes, I chastised this blatant display of rudeness.  I hardly think a sharp “Watch your mouth.” is going to leave a permanent scar on your delicate little flower’s soul.  You seem to think otherwise.  Based on your crazy display of ghetto-fabulous, obscenity-ridden, absolutely ridiculous and oh-so-dramatic protest in the office today, one might have thought I told your kid to fuck off.  It is now very clear to me where the attitude comes from.  I would have liked to have told YOU to fuck off, but I happen to like my job, and I know that you aren’t worth it.  Hopefully your little flower will manage to blossom out of the reach of your putrid example.


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Catching Up

Wow, so many things are happening, so little time to post about them!

1) I am FINALLY sleeping better.  This has improved my mood immeasurably.

2) Hilarious staff problems at school.  Ever work with someone who is so socially inept that it’s funny?  That’s where it’s at.  It’s almost painful to watch as the situation spirals out of control.  Today there was a huge screaming match in the hallway between this person and another teacher (although, the other teacher isn’t exactly on the straight and narrow either…) and it was just ridiculous.  I almost never see the Almighty Administration mad at the teachers, but boy-oh-boy they were MAD today!

 3) I so totally turned 30 this week!  My adorable little peanuts threw me a HUGE party with balloons, 3 kinds of cake, pizza, and they made me a crown!  Love love love love love LOVE my kiddos right now!  Speedy G gave me a card that had me in stitches.  Last week he asked me how old I was going to be, and I responded with my usual “How old do you think I’ll be”.  He said 50.  50!! I squirted him with my water bottle and acted like I was having a heart attack, pretty entertaining when they highball it to that extreme.  His card is below.

Speedy G card

So funny!!!

4) I can’t wait for winter break!  I’m going back to my hometown with the Beau to relax, ski, and refresh.  I could not be more excited about this!

 *Apparently I’m in the future?  I can’t seem to get the date/time options to work correctly…*


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Protected: Multiple Personalities

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Protected: Crazy Lady A.K.A. The Reason Nobody Wants To Be Pulled-Out

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