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So, in the three weeks since I last posted, I have accomplished nothing related to school.  Unless you count shopping for markers and glue.  I had big plans for how much I was going to get done in the three months between my hire date and the start of school, and like the last 30-ish years of my life, procrastination has bested me.

I have about a week until I go back, and a little over two weeks before I have actual students, so I’m going to try and make a more realistic goal for myself.  I need to plan out my first week of lessons.  That’s it. One week.  I have unit outlines, sort of, so this shouldn’t be too hard….right?


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*tap tap* Is This Thing On?

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been around, what with all the quitting teaching and everything a few years ago.

As it turns out, quitting wasn’t nearly as permanent as I anticipated it being.

I’ll be going back to work next month, still in middle school, but in a new school and with a new curriculum.


In the spirit of renewal I thought I’d give this blog another shot, and I’m hoping you’ll join me for the ride.  I’m going to make a goal of posting at least once a week, so I hope there are still some readers out there who can hold me to that!



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Protected: School’s Out….FOREVER!

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Smoothing Out…An Explosion…And The High

The first week was really bumpy (clearly) but last week was ok.  Not great, but ok.  The kids are getting into the routines I am setting up, routines that I intend to start every year, but am going to actually stick with this year.  I will say that having the first 30 minutes of a 90 minute block absolutely static every day makes the rest of the block MUCH easier.  My students are still a bunch of spazzballs, so they are taking their sweet time getting used to the rules, but I have been like a phone-calling crazy person this week…I’m pretty sure I made more than 20 calls on Friday alone since more than half of one of my classes failed to complete a SUPER BASIC assignment that they were well aware would be graded as a project and worth a significant portion of their grade.

The only really wild thing had to do with a new girl, who I shall call Dynamite.  I knew she was trouble the first day.  Manipulative, unstable, angry, untruthful, all of these traits appeared within the first two days.  On the third day of school she slapped another girl during class and was giving two days of lunch suspension.  On the 6th day of school there was an after schoolfight between her and yet another girl from class. Unstable Mable kicked ass.  This did not fly with all the other surly girls and there was a brawl akin to the kind I witnessed the my first year.  Hair flew, blood was shed, it was a mess.  A whole mess of them were suspended, but will be back next week, still in the same classroom.  My classroom.  My homeroom to be specific.  Should be delightful…

Now for the high I promised from last week…

Super Official!

Super Official!

Some of you may remember that a while ago The Beau and I decided to experiment with a “Marriage Lite” situation.  That worked out so well we decided to go for the upgrade to “Marriage for Real”…  🙂  The planning is on, and I anticipate using that as a large distraction from the things that will inevitably drive me bonkers with work this year. Hooray!


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Home Again, Home Again

It’s always just so sad when break ends.  Somehow the week just flew by!  Hometown was awesome, saw a lot of old friends, did some skiing, watched the Beau attempt to snowboard, had some of my favorite margarita’s, and literally forgot for a few days that I had a job. *Sigh*

I am still jet-lagged, but the kids were good today, and we jumped right back into work without skipping a beat.  I also finally sat down to look at my curriculum map and jeez, does anyone ever manage to stay on track with this kinds of stuff?  I look at what I had mapped out, and it just seems that I must have been insane to think I could fit it all in the allotted time.  I’m going to plow right ahead, attempt to make up some lost ground, and see where that leads. 

I have a new student teacher (did I mention that yet?) and this one is ready to start taking over one of my units…we’ll see how it goes.  I have a lot of faith in his skill at creating interesting lessons, but he’s struggling with management.  Some of my kids can be feisty until they realize that you are in charge, so they are doing a lot of pushing back with him.  I think he’ll find his own way of dealing with this, I just hope he doesn’t get too frustrated…he’s a bit of a softy.

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Running on Fumes

I am having sleep issues.  Major sleep issues.  This happens every so often, but usually for not more than one or two weeks. For four weeks now I have had crazy insomnia to the point that I am getting no more than a few hours of sleep every night.  It’s more than just having a hard time getting to sleep, it’s also that I can’t STAY asleep.  Some nights I wake up as often as every 20 or 30 minutes.  Actually, I shouldn’t say I ‘wake up’ because really, I feel like I never actually get all the way to sleep on those nights.  It’s probably some stress with school, and some just my crazy restless mind syndrome.  I have taken regular Ambien, but that just puts me to sleep, it doesn’t keep me asleep.  At the beginning of the school year I got some Ambien CR, but that stuff made me feel drunk and crazy and tired (go figure…).    Last night I was up until around 2:30am, then wide awake for no apparent reason at 5am.  I am irritable.  This needs to stop!!!

 In other news, one of my students from last year had a seizure in class last week.  Everyone was pretty terrified because she recently had heart surgery, but we got news today that she is doing fine and will be back to school soon.  Scary stuff, she’s awfully young to have to be dealing with such major health issues. 


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