The Great Return…Mostly Makes Me Want To Nap.

Oh man.  I somehow forgot how ridiculously EXHAUSTING being a teacher is.  I’m a bit out of practice with it all, so I’m fumbling around with things that I had really gotten in a groove with prior to my little break.  For example, I keep forgetting that you have to train middle school kids.  I find myself backpedaling a little every day because I didn’t actually teach them the procedure for doing things like…writing their homework in their planners, putting their notes in the notes section of their binder (as opposed to say, the section they have for math assessments…), or just that they have to take the pass every time they leave the room!

That said, things are off to a good start.  I am remembering how much I love this age group because they are so silly and goofy and spazzy and are generally still interested in learning new things.

I already have a few that have wormed their way into my heart, and no big surprise, they tend to be the naughty little boys that drive most everyone else up the wall.  I just find them so hysterical, especially because the smaller the kid, the more of a pain in the butt they can be.  Remember Twitch? Goofball? Speedy G (The first post in all these links is the same, just scroll down for the rest)?  If you are new here, check them out, they are the ones I’ll remember forever…




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3 responses to “The Great Return…Mostly Makes Me Want To Nap.

  1. Julie

    Aww! I remember those types of little dudes–I think I often liked them the most too. So glad to hear it’s off to a good start!! Can’t wait to read more stories!

  2. I’m having the opposite conundrum: after 6 years of high school, last year I taught junior high, now I’m back in high school. Between my junior high experience AND spending the past four years in PBIS schools (my current school is not one), I find that I am over-training and explaining in class. Fortunately the kids have been pretty good-natured about it and are cutting me some slack.

    Hope you have a great year!

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