The other day we heard the incessant jingle of the ice cream truck outside the classroom.  One of my little munchkins, and by little I mean the kid is super tiny, jumped up out of chair and proceeded to shout “Spring has SPRUNG!!!”.

Incidentally, after reading this story about drugs being sold from ice cream truck windows a few days ago, well, I may never think about that jingle in the same way again.



Filed under Why I heart middle school

2 responses to “Springing

  1. aw, that’s so adorable! i love it when middle school kids let their little-kid gooey center show through. 🙂

    seriously creepy and depressing about drugs in ice cream trucks. i always joked that mister softee must be made with crack, that’s why it’s so delicious.

  2. Interesting cover for a drug ring.
    I did hear my first ice cream truck while babysitting my niece over the weekend. That was pretty awesome.

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