Teachers Do The Strangest Things

Kids, especially middle school kids, are always making strange noises.  They suck their teeth, they hum, they make clicking and licking and slurping sounds just to be gross.  They tap things – their pens, pencils, knuckles, fingers, notebooks, backpack straps, you name it, it can make noise.  It’s a cacophony of sounds on any given day.  Today, I’d just about had it with all that rapping and banging and tapping and smacking, so I stood in the back of the classroom and brawcawed like a chicken (and I make a very realistic chicken if I do say so myself).  They didn’t even notice, which made it all the funnier for me.



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6 responses to “Teachers Do The Strangest Things

  1. I really think this is an epidemic that’s especially prevalent in NYC schools. I have no idea why. Maybe there’s just so many sources of noise coming from every direction at every second…it’s never quiet even for a moment…it just seems normal to them to join in. I have never seen kids so noisy in the middle of instruction as I have here. The tapping, singing, thumping…it’s just constant. I totally believe they didn’t notice you clucking like a chicken. Hilarious.

  2. Inky

    I notice this phenomena every day at school. Or rather, I don’t really notice it anymore. However, kudos for the chicken sound.

  3. Julie

    ha! that is hilarious.
    you should play some music for them–override their noise with some of your own! 🙂

  4. I like the music idea. I’ll also have to remember the chicken squawk for when I start teaching. It’ll be interesting to see if mine do the same.
    And I’m Inky, too, I just decided to register and found out someone stole my name. Mostly I wanted to put up a picture of a bunny rabbit with black spatters on it to attempt to screw with your head.

  5. That’s hilarious!

    I haven’t noticed the noise in my middle school classroom…maybe I’m immune to it now?

    Either way, I’d definitely notice if someone was making chicken sounds from the back of the room!

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