I got an email yesterday that someone had actually commented on this thing!  Rest assured, I am still here, trucking right along.  I actually pop in regularly to click through my links to other blogs.  I haven’t posted for a number of reasons, the biggest is that this may be my hardest teaching year, except for my first, although really it might be worse because I know what is possible in my classroom, and not being able to make that happen is killing me.  I just feel like such a Debbie downer that I don’t want to be all full of darkness here.  Also, the things happening at my school are so distinctive that I fear I would “out” myself if I dared to write about them.  I’m just sayin’, I have some real wackadoos this year.   “All the more reason to post!” you might argue.  Yeah, you might be right, but my heart just isn’t in it, and my posts with no heart really suck.

It’s not all bad, I do have a few adorable tiny boys with serious cases of the wiggles, and they never cease to amuse me.  The true wackos are taking up most of my energy these days though and I’ve become very disheartened with “The System” and the total lack of accountability for parents.

On the brighter side of the moon, I have made a major (two major actually) life-changing decisions, both are very very exciting for me, but cannot yet be revealed. (No, we are not having a baby!)  Is this a desperate ploy to get you to keep checking back here until I can actually reveal my news?  Maybe.  I hope it works!

It won’t be long now….



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7 responses to “Here!

  1. OKP

    Consider me checking in — every day!

    Would love to hear more, but life’s a busy thing.

  2. Inky

    Well, who says you have to post the obvious things? You could always just post the things that could happen to anyone.

    • Ms. M

      True, and perhaps I will, but the other ones would make such good stories….perhaps I’ll take back up with the password protected posts. As an aside, an old friend of mine has a rabbit named Inky, and I keep picturing her when I see your comments, it’s definitely amusing 🙂

  3. mildlymelancholy

    yay, glad you’re still here–hope we hear more from you soon about some new excitement!
    i love wiggly boys, they’re funny. 🙂 tell us some classroom anecdotes or something!

    • Ms. M

      I know I don’t comment much, but I do check in with you and OKP regularly, I have a harder time keeping up with the writing though. It’s good to see what you’ve been up to since you’ve “ventured beyond”!

  4. Julie

    heh, there is a life post-teaching! and there’s a lot more sleep involved. 🙂

  5. I’m still following you b/c I can’t wait to hear your announcements.

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