I’m Alive!

I am here, I do think about posting, and then…life justs gets in the way!  I’m having a rough year with one of my classes.  They are probably the worst group I’ve ever had in some ways, I shall dub them “The Beasts”.  They are REALLY low skilled, and their behavior is off the hook – talking incessantly, shouting across the class at their frienemies, throwing things, spitting, wandering around the room and anything else that contributes to classroom chaos.  My strongest teaching point is my classroom management, and I just can’t manage this class yet.  YET.  I will wrangle some control if it kills me! 

I’m thankful for tomorrow’s PD day if for no other reason than I don’t have The Beasts in the afternoon, which never fails to give me a migraine.


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  1. Inky

    Is it possible, maybe that you could update, please? This is a pretty awesome blog, and I love learning about stuff that I’ll face when I get that degree. Of course, it won’t prepare me for the real thing, but still. And like I said, this is a pretty awesome blog.

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