Day 8.

I’m almost at the point where the post titles can change to “X Days Left”.  Hooray!  I must say, this is the best paying babysitting gig I’ve ever had. 

Just to be clear, I am making these kids work.  We read every day.  We write everyday, more than once usually.  They listen to a read aloud almost every day.  Is it as difficult as regular class?  No, but the objective seems to be for them to produce enough actual work that we can prove they should go on to the next grade, so that’s what we’re doing.  It would be easier if I didn’t have a full class because then I could really do some one-on-one work with the kids, but that’s apparently not meant to be this summer.  In any case, we’ll all survive, and hopefully they’ll learn at least a little something in the process.


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