Time Flies

I hope it starts flying a little faster…last week went by at a snail’s pace and I suspect this coming week will as well what with (alliteration much?) all that testing that just keeps on happening. 

In a tragic turn of events…I may have to teach summer school this year.  *shudder*  Yeah, I need the money and I just won’t earn as much at a temp job.  If you hear a loud crack mid-July, that’s my head exploding, so please send rescue!



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4 responses to “Time Flies

  1. well, if you do the summer term, maybe if you aren’t also doing things like yearbook or photo classes after it will be do-able??

  2. OKP

    Budget cuts mean we don’t have summer school this year. And the kids who are failing still don’t get that there’s no second chance lined up for them right now.

    Sorry about summer school! Crossing my fingers that it works out.

  3. glad to know you are surviving. thanks for the update.

  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    Summer school ended two weeks ago for me–and I still haven’t recovered!

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