I know, silly title, but it is in fact the newest Ben & Jerry’s flavor in honor of President Obama.  Check it out here.

We watched the inaguaration in class today and the kids had some really interesting questions like:

*What does the President do when he isn’t president anymore?

*Who moves all the stuff into the White House for the new First Family?

*How much money do you get to be President?

*What is the First Lady supposed to do when the President is working?

*Where do the President’s kids go to school?

I thought they were good questions, some of which I wasn’t sure about the answers to, but we had some good discussion as we waited for the events to begin.



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3 responses to “YES PECAN!

  1. I like that Ben & Jerry’s is donating money to education when you buy that flavor too! Great excuse to get some ice cream. Too bad I don’t like pecans!

    Your kids had some great questions.

  2. juliecourt

    my kids asked those questions too! (but two weeks ago before all this) did you see that article in National Geographic (the gold issue) about the President? it was fascinating and answers a few of those questions. 🙂 glad your kids are thoughtful enough to come up with responses and questions!

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