I walked into my room to find a little mouse stuck to the glue trap.  I have mixed emotions about this.  One on hand, the little bugger and his friends have been terrorizing my room and ate my granola bar stash that I thought I had nicely sealed in a mouse proof box in a metal cabinet.  On the other hand it was so little and scared and you know they have to die a slow and horrible death on those things, which is horrible and makes me feel bad for asking for the traps in the first place.   I had the janitor come pick it up since I had no idea what I was supposed to do (I mean really, I can’t leave it there squeaking away all of class!).

Fourth period I was in my room attempting to get some grading done.  One of my non-homeroom boys, Needy, poked his head in the room to see if anyone was in there.  When he saw me he smiled, danced into the room singing “She’s  a maniac, MANIAC on the floor!” spun around and danced out.

It started snowing lovely, foofy, giant snowflakes while the kids were at lunch.  As they came in for homeroom, one of my boys, Dopey (it’s not mean, but he really is dopey, like of the 7 dwarfs), came up to me, pointed to his snow-covered head and said,”Miss! My hair is all sparkly!”  He has a little bit of a lisp so it was pretty cute.

Overall a good day, and the goofiness of the boys reminds me why I love middle school.



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2 responses to “Yesterday

  1. I love days when it’s easy to remember why you go into work every day.

  2. Syb

    Happy New Year. Just wanted you to know that I have read yr blog for a year–or so– and really enjoy it. Hope the new year brings oodles of entries!

    Best, Syb

    PS..Might I have yr PW for the protected entries?

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