I have no time!

Entertaining tidbits from last week:

One of my students from last year seems to be in the hallways near my room all the time this year.  It’s odd since the 8th grade classrooms are all the way at the other end of the building, but whatever, he misses us.  The other day I was talking to him in the hall between classes and he noticed my engagement ring and asked if I got married.  I told him the wedding would be next summer and he was practically jumping up and down telling me how happy he was for me.  It was so sweet and so genuine that I was grinning for hours afterwards. 


I have one REALLY needy student this year.  You know the type…he almost can’t do anything without showing it to you immediately to see if it’s right, can it be better, what should he do next and on and on and on.  He’s also really scatterbrained and while he really cares about his work and his grades, he can barely follow directions, keep a train of thought, or manage to keep a handout for more than 20 seconds.  He calls out for my attention constantly and I am at the point where I just ignore it if I am in the middle of something else. 

The other day I was mid-lesson when Needy beganto frantically call my name.  This was not unusual so I ignored it.  Now, I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but I was writing on the overhead so it’s not like I was watching him that closely.  After he continued to call for me I reminded him that we don’t call out in class and he should save the question for two minutes until I was done with the chart we were making and see if his question got answered with the rest of the lesson.  About 30 seconds later I hear a shriek and and a very loud THWACK!

I look up, startled, to see Needy standing on his chair, holding a ruler and looking rather proud of himself. 

“Um…” I began.

“Miss!  I tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen!” he replied.  “Don’t worry though, I handled it by myself!” He pointed to the now-dead giant roach (some of you call them water bugs, but lets just be straight about this, those are really big f-ing roaches) in front of his desk.

Apparently it crawled out of the radiator and was making its way up the wall so he grabbed his ruler and smashed the heck out of it.  I gave him a sticker and told him his new class job would to be the killer of creepy-crawlies.



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3 responses to “Highlights

  1. 15 (really 14) more years

    I have a student like that (although I am fairly certain she would never kill a roach- giant or otherwise).

    I hate to say it though- she sounds exactly like your student, and the poor thing is practicaly-G-d forgive me- mentally retarded. Needy, calling out, getting out of her seat to ask a question- and this behavior has been condoned and almost encouraged over the years. Now, I am the evil witch because I can’t immediately respond to her every issue (to give you an idea- when I told her the other day she couldn’t leave in the middle of a lesson to use the bathroom, she responded, “WHHHHHHHHYYYY? I have to make!”

  2. hehe, cute story. 🙂

  3. Lopailani

    I live in Hawaii so I am used to giant roaches. We call them B-52’s. I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 8 years. I have lots of hilarious stories. Kids are amazing. You never know what they will say or do.

    How long have you been teaching in NYC? I’m planning on moving there next school year. It’s definitely going to be a great adventure. If you can give me any advice about moving there or teaching in NYC, I’d appreciate it.

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