Always on a Friday…

It’s so freakin’ typical!  The kids were mostly fine the last two days despite the strange short week, but there is always that one that has a meltdown on Friday afternoon.  This week it was Dynamite…aptly named since she was the one who caused the major explosion a few weeks ago.  This kid is serious trouble.  She is the rudest (most rude? Grammar on Saturday mornings is not my thing.) student I have ever had.  She’s had a tough life, and it has made her a mix of super soft and super tough, but you never know which you are going to get.  When it’s tough, it’s bad. 

She was super tough all morning, then melted down in the afternoon and wanted to apologize, which I accepted, but didn’t have enough time to properly deal with at the end of the day.  She had been surly and very rude all morning, not following any rules, talking back to EVERYONE, and she stuck – actually more than stuck, she smeared – gum all over the bottom of her table, and then continued to be obnoxious throughout her lunch period.  I don’t know what changed, but something did and she came back all apologetically at the end of the day.  It’s almost like a split personality, she is so filled with anger, and at the same time so desperate for affection that she flips from one part to the other at a crazy speed.  Must take a lot of energy.

It’s a strange case with her because I see the reasons she is like this (we can just start with growing up in a house with junkies as parents, who are finally, and very recently, in jail) but her behavior is so erratic and inappropriate that something needs to be done.  She is seeing a counselor outside of school but no one expects that she will learn this month, this semester, perhaps even this year how to really control those emotions.  I am still going to give her a dose of detention next week as her consequence, there must be something that lets her know that she can’t treat people like crap and then it’s just all better because you are in a better mood.  This is going to be a very long, uphill battle.



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5 responses to “Always on a Friday…

  1. Bi-polar maybe? I work with ED kids and a lot of mine are like this. One minute they are working fine and the next minute they are throwing their papers on the floor and telling me to F myself. Just a thought.

  2. Sorry, I should have said kids with ED, not ED kids.

  3. Ms. M

    Someone else at my school thought bi-polar as well, we wrote up a referral for her to be evaluated by the school phsychologist, although the process of that takes FOREVER, but I know the principal has discussed this with her current guardian and suggested he talk with her therapist about it.

    Our guidance counselor also suggested she may be mimicing the highs and lows she watched her parents go through with their addiction. We also don’t know if her mother was using at any point during the pregnancy, although she doesn’t have as many signs of that. Who knows, but whatever it is, I hope we can sort some of it out and help her start learning to cope better.

  4. Rachel

    It won’t help you deal with her, but for yourself, I recommend reading Torey Hayden’s “One Child.”

  5. I’m a high school teacher and the same personality thing goes on with older kids. I have students curse me out and then go out of their way to sincerely say “Hello” or “Have a good weekend Miss”.


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