Smoothing Out…An Explosion…And The High

The first week was really bumpy (clearly) but last week was ok.  Not great, but ok.  The kids are getting into the routines I am setting up, routines that I intend to start every year, but am going to actually stick with this year.  I will say that having the first 30 minutes of a 90 minute block absolutely static every day makes the rest of the block MUCH easier.  My students are still a bunch of spazzballs, so they are taking their sweet time getting used to the rules, but I have been like a phone-calling crazy person this week…I’m pretty sure I made more than 20 calls on Friday alone since more than half of one of my classes failed to complete a SUPER BASIC assignment that they were well aware would be graded as a project and worth a significant portion of their grade.

The only really wild thing had to do with a new girl, who I shall call Dynamite.  I knew she was trouble the first day.  Manipulative, unstable, angry, untruthful, all of these traits appeared within the first two days.  On the third day of school she slapped another girl during class and was giving two days of lunch suspension.  On the 6th day of school there was an after schoolfight between her and yet another girl from class. Unstable Mable kicked ass.  This did not fly with all the other surly girls and there was a brawl akin to the kind I witnessed the my first year.  Hair flew, blood was shed, it was a mess.  A whole mess of them were suspended, but will be back next week, still in the same classroom.  My classroom.  My homeroom to be specific.  Should be delightful…

Now for the high I promised from last week…

Super Official!

Super Official!

Some of you may remember that a while ago The Beau and I decided to experiment with a “Marriage Lite” situation.  That worked out so well we decided to go for the upgrade to “Marriage for Real”…  🙂  The planning is on, and I anticipate using that as a large distraction from the things that will inevitably drive me bonkers with work this year. Hooray!



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3 responses to “Smoothing Out…An Explosion…And The High

  1. OKP

    WOO HOO! So exciting! Congratulations and best wishes and only do what you want to do and not what you think you should be doing so other people can enjoy your day. Enjoy your day!

    And school — well, yes, “bonkers” is always an option. I’ve headed there myself n the last two weeks, even. Keep your spirits up!

  2. squee!! congratulations!!

    so glad to hear things are calming down for you at school. and eep, good luck with mable.

  3. Congratulations on your recent engagement!

    Spazzballs is now my new favorite word!

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