I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means…

You know how you think you’ve carefully previewed a film that you plan to show class and you are sure that you are aware of all the parts you might need to stop and clarify for them, or parts you might need to fast-forward through, etc?  Yeah, well, if you’re ever showing “7 Alone” (an older movie about a family on the Oregon Trail) you might want to skip the part where the father says to the rambunctious and disobedient son… “Take down your pants!  I’m gonna give you a lickin’ you won’t soon forget!”   The father threatens the kids with ‘a lickin’ on several occasions, and I had already talked to the class about how that just meant a spanking of sorts, but I somehow missed the scene where the pants came down… (just to clarify for those you who may be experiencing summer brain fry, the dad gave him a bare-ass whipping with a belt…)  The students just about lost it at that point and several of them made gross slurping noises until I turned on the lights and stared them down. 

One more week…



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5 responses to “I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means…

  1. Oh! Although I’m laughing myself silly right now, I really do feel your pain.

  2. bwah!!

    There’s a ‘scene’ in the beginning of my favorite Grammar Rock video about Interjections, where a little boy pulls his pants down and gets jabbed at by a doctor (with a needle). surprisingly, the kids don’t really notice or react. I always brace myself for it, though. 🙂

  3. Cami

    Just found this website, too funny! We have a video we show every year, okay, well several. I am really good at the fast forward or redirecting attention. but one passed me by several years ago. We were studying Africa and I needed a day to finish grading essays. So, I found a video called Kenya Safari in the library and thought, no problem, animals ……. um well ….. I was running the video and broadcasting to the room next door as well ( we have a great cable guy in my building !) anyway …… the coach from next door blasts in and yells about a zebra ….. my esl kids look up, I look up and he says in a deadpan video man voice – The zebra has a 3 foot long blue …….. ( well you can figure that one out) way to make me feel inadequate!” We haven’t shown that one for years now, and the video has a little note taped on by the librarian about possible controversial language, well now it does anyway! LOL

    Coach has moved on to another high school now, but whenever we cross paths …….. we only have to say Zebra and we fall out laughing!

  4. forgot to include my little bitty blog – now, if I would just update it!

  5. LOL I’ll bet it was a lickin’ you won’t soon forget!! Happy summer!

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