Teacher Appreciation?

I was completely unaware that ‘Teacher Appreciation’ day/week/ was last week.  Gee… I feel so… unappreciated.  My first year teaching I think we all got flowers and nice pens and cupcakes.  Last year there was a last minute lunch that was super crappy and I couldn’t eat it because of one of my food allergies but it was something.  This year…nothing.  Really I don’t care that much, but it wouldn’t have been that hard to give people at least a nice note or card, especially when they manage to pull off things like a whole cake for Secretary Appreciation Day.



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4 responses to “Teacher Appreciation?

  1. We got nothing also. But we got quite a bit of it. In fact, it formed the basis of our faculty meeting. All in all, it was an improvement.

  2. I appreciate all teachers. Not that my opinion matters a whit, I do appreciate all you and all teachers do.

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  3. First time reader. I enjoyed your blog. I want you to know that teacher’s at my school received massages during their planning periods.

  4. Massages you say… If my school claimed they were going to give teachers massages I would start looking for the hidden camera! Sounds lovely though…

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