Need. Vacation. Now!

Yes, your child is generally a good kid.  Unfortunately, today your little darling was a wee bit disrespectful and yes, I chastised this blatant display of rudeness.  I hardly think a sharp “Watch your mouth.” is going to leave a permanent scar on your delicate little flower’s soul.  You seem to think otherwise.  Based on your crazy display of ghetto-fabulous, obscenity-ridden, absolutely ridiculous and oh-so-dramatic protest in the office today, one might have thought I told your kid to fuck off.  It is now very clear to me where the attitude comes from.  I would have liked to have told YOU to fuck off, but I happen to like my job, and I know that you aren’t worth it.  Hopefully your little flower will manage to blossom out of the reach of your putrid example.



Filed under frustrations, stoopid adults

3 responses to “Need. Vacation. Now!

  1. Oh my. Don’t you just love those parents? You can instantly see where the child gets it from!

  2. You tell em!!!! hope you are having a lovely, and well deserved, rest.

  3. chalkdustmakesmesneeze

    Those apples don’t fall far, do they. It can make me feel sorry for the miserable little shits sometimes.

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