Perception. Part II.

It’s been a flood of activity in the “old” zone this week. 

On Tuesday one of my students brought me a nice book of poems to look through. He described the book as “antique”.  The copyright is 1994.


I played some music for them one period while they worked on writing metaphors.  Twitch seemed shocked that I have Rock on my Ipod. 

“Of course I have Rock!  What did you think I listened to?”

“Ummm…I don’t know…old people music?  Like violins or something?”



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4 responses to “Perception. Part II.

  1. Old people music!

    What get me is when they have dress-up days and 80’s Day is one of the themes. They make suck a mockery of my teen years…

  2. Eegads! Such! Such! I learned to type on a manual typewriter…what can I say?

  3. 15 more years

    Egads- you were in your teens in the 80’s?

    I think I better check into a nursing home, lol.

  4. OKP

    Egads! (Just following the crowd.)

    Sheesh. Try showing him pictures of the Canterbury Tales…or make him find a book with a copyright before 1900. Then we’ll talk antique!

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