This is Why Nothing Ever Gets Finished

In the last three weeks, I have had only about 2-3 real teaching days per week.  Why?  Workshops, field trips, student teacher observation bull$hit, random presentations by people from one of gazillions of partnerships we have at the school. Next week we have Earth Day and two days of some sort of testing, so yeah, only two days next week as well.  Top that off with the fact that my good class was off-the-wall-bonkers today and you have one very cranky teacher.  Why can’t vacation just start tomorrow?


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  1. 15 more years

    I had state science testing this past week- set up last Friday, testing all day Monday and Tuesday, make ups yesterday afternoon- today was the first full teaching day I had in a week!

    Next week I have a bulls**t meeting on Tueday, and test grading on Friday- so I have 5 days to prep these kids for the 8th grade science test. The kids have totally checked out, and the warm weather today didn’t help.

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