When A Grill Just Isn’t Enough…

violet eyereptile eye    I have some students who have, shall we say, an interesting sense of fashion.  They have to wear a uniform, so they need to be pretty creative to really express themselves.  Shoes say a lot.  The way the laces are worn, the color combinations and the style can clearly speak volumes about who you are.  The thing is, if you’re a kid you spend most of your school time with your beautiful shoes trapped under a table where nobody really sees them. 

You can ice yourself up with large fake diamonds in your ears, that certainly sends a specific message, and if you top it off with a grill, well, you really have made your style pretty clear.  The thing is, for some kids, all of that just isn’t enough.  Some kids need some eye candy.  Literally.  This week I have two in my class, one purple, one serpentine.  The snake eyes are a bit creepy, but you get used to it after a while…



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6 responses to “When A Grill Just Isn’t Enough…

  1. I know what you mean! One of my Hispanic students had bright blue contacts with eye shadow to match last night. Not quite as interesting as snake eyes, but those out-of-this-world eyes do DEMAND attention!

    I wonder if I were to change my eye color…would that gain student attention?

  2. 15 more years

    The kids are getting wacky. The staff is already wacky- that’s what I attribute it to.


    Years ago I went to an underground Goth club there in NYC and a guy with Lizard eyes and a cape kept asking me to dance. God, what was his name? If I could remember it it would just send the whole picture over the edge. Believe me, it was something like the vampire version of Fabio. Priceless.

    Those first few minutes for me were like when you are trying to speak to someone who has one eye that looks in a different direction or has really dark sunglasses on and you are trying to get acclimated with where you should look while acting as if nothing is going on.

    Anyway, with or without the eyes, he was not going to get anywhere with me, but after I got over how disarming it was, I was amused…(which is why I WENT to the club in the first place…).

  4. Ew, that is so creepy!
    Have you read the Uglies trilogy? The characters in those books have ‘mods’ like that. Ick.

    I guess I’m an old fuddy-duddy now. 😀

  5. i don’t see how you could get used to that. . . its gross

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