Mrrwhraph Mmnunphfraw!

I think I bit off more than I can chew.  I signed up for a whole slew of after-school workshops, programs, etc(many of which I get paid to attend…) and it is occurring to me that I have signed on for slightly more than I can manage.  It’s just that they all seemed interesting/useful, and the $$ is a big carrot, so I just kept going!  Today I wrote out all the dates of things on my calendar and well, it’s a lot more than I thought.  Doh!



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3 responses to “Mrrwhraph Mmnunphfraw!

  1. I can sympathize with signing up for too much and only realizing it later, but I keep getting stuck on the “paid to attend workshops” part. Wow! What I would give for that.
    There are no substitute teachers for what I am currently teaching. I really want to attend a particular 2 day workshop next week. It takes place during the day and my teaching time is in the evening. I can attend the workshop as long as I use my free time this week (our break week) to prepare ahead of time for those 2 days. I will attend the workshops during the day (equivalent of my prep time) and teach in the evening.
    To be fair, I am doing it because I really want to attend this workshop, not because anyone asked my to. I wouldn’t say no to being paid for the extra time though.

  2. at least they sound interesting and fun! you won’t get bored. and extra money is always good! 🙂

  3. Woodswoman

    As you said a few months ago . . . you might be turning into your mother! She can’t seem to say no to interesting things either, and they typically COST HER money . . .

    Glad you’re getting more sleep though, and you will have plenty of time to loll around when you’re old and feeble.

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