Catching Up

Wow, so many things are happening, so little time to post about them!

1) I am FINALLY sleeping better.  This has improved my mood immeasurably.

2) Hilarious staff problems at school.  Ever work with someone who is so socially inept that it’s funny?  That’s where it’s at.  It’s almost painful to watch as the situation spirals out of control.  Today there was a huge screaming match in the hallway between this person and another teacher (although, the other teacher isn’t exactly on the straight and narrow either…) and it was just ridiculous.  I almost never see the Almighty Administration mad at the teachers, but boy-oh-boy they were MAD today!

 3) I so totally turned 30 this week!  My adorable little peanuts threw me a HUGE party with balloons, 3 kinds of cake, pizza, and they made me a crown!  Love love love love love LOVE my kiddos right now!  Speedy G gave me a card that had me in stitches.  Last week he asked me how old I was going to be, and I responded with my usual “How old do you think I’ll be”.  He said 50.  50!! I squirted him with my water bottle and acted like I was having a heart attack, pretty entertaining when they highball it to that extreme.  His card is below.

Speedy G card

So funny!!!

4) I can’t wait for winter break!  I’m going back to my hometown with the Beau to relax, ski, and refresh.  I could not be more excited about this!

 *Apparently I’m in the future?  I can’t seem to get the date/time options to work correctly…*



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4 responses to “Catching Up

  1. OKP

    Great card! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Have a super break!


    YAY! Sleep, a party AND a week off! Pretty good B-day present. Have a great time!!!

  3. woo!! a very happy 30th birthday to you!! so, so glad to hear your kiddos are treating you right. 🙂 Have an excellent and fun vacation!

  4. snteach

    Oh my goodness, I can’t even stand it when “professionals” act…UNprofessional! Makes me crazy. I hope things settle soon.

    Sounds like your birthday was a fun one. Gotta love the candid demeanor of kids.

    🙂 Susan

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