It’s about time I had a day that didn’t make me want to throw myself off the roof!  Things have been ‘meh’ in class lately, and it’s not all about me not sleeping, it’s just that we have been in a rut.  We keep having interruptions at school – field trips, more predictive exams for math, assemblies, you name it, it’s kept me from teaching more than 3 days in a week. 

We somehow managed to wrap up our last unit and have begun the new quarter with all new material, including, whole class novels!  This is the first time I have taught a whole class novel.  I have wanted to do so in the past, but didn’t have the resources.  We finally managed to purchase a whole set of books that is appropriate for the class, so it can finally happen!

I have been really worried about how this is going to work for The Beasties since pretty much half the class refuses to do anything on any given day.  Most of them say they ‘hate’ reading, likely because their reading levels are pretty low so they get easily discouraged.  I have been wondering what the heck I am going to do if I can’t get them to participate in this unit.  Turns out, that might not be as big a problem as I expected.  We are reading Crash, and I started today by checking out the book with them, and then reading the first few chapters aloud.   Twitch was giggling the whole time, and at one point was laughing hysterically and falling off his chair.  The rest of them seemed to enjoy it as well, so we’ll see if they can manage to read a little bit on their own in the next few days.  My hope is that they got hooked in enough today to override any ‘hatred’ of reading for at least a few pages. 


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