Running on Fumes

I am having sleep issues.  Major sleep issues.  This happens every so often, but usually for not more than one or two weeks. For four weeks now I have had crazy insomnia to the point that I am getting no more than a few hours of sleep every night.  It’s more than just having a hard time getting to sleep, it’s also that I can’t STAY asleep.  Some nights I wake up as often as every 20 or 30 minutes.  Actually, I shouldn’t say I ‘wake up’ because really, I feel like I never actually get all the way to sleep on those nights.  It’s probably some stress with school, and some just my crazy restless mind syndrome.  I have taken regular Ambien, but that just puts me to sleep, it doesn’t keep me asleep.  At the beginning of the school year I got some Ambien CR, but that stuff made me feel drunk and crazy and tired (go figure…).    Last night I was up until around 2:30am, then wide awake for no apparent reason at 5am.  I am irritable.  This needs to stop!!!

 In other news, one of my students from last year had a seizure in class last week.  Everyone was pretty terrified because she recently had heart surgery, but we got news today that she is doing fine and will be back to school soon.  Scary stuff, she’s awfully young to have to be dealing with such major health issues. 



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4 responses to “Running on Fumes

  1. OKP

    You’re freaking me out a la Heath Ledger! I trust that you will find some way (somehow) to get some sleep and rejuvenate. Sending good vibes your way…and your student’s way, too.

  2. Don’t worry! I stopped taking any sleep aids long ago because they didn’t work, and the side effects were bleh. My mom has convinced me to go to a sleep clinic, so we’ll see what comes of that…


    Methinks a massage is in order, and other things like hot baths, hot milk before bed, and yes, meditation. Impossible to quiet the mind with what’s on your plate but if you use John Kabat-Zinn CD’s (google him) he talks through most of it in a very calm (yet not annoying) voice, so you’re not on your own in silence. Your mind can focus on his voice and breathing and boom, you’re calm. He has ones that are only 10 minutes long , one for lying down as well as one for sitting. I hate meditation and this got me to do it. This is more something to work on you in the bigger picture.

    Also, I have always had insomnia, and could not stay asleep if I could ever fall asleep. Problem is, your bod gets used to going on a few hours even if you are totally fatigued so it starts to not be able to sleep longer. For a more immediate fix, 2 things: I listen to a book on my ipod — something not so interesting that I’ll try to stay awake listening to it, and nothing inspiring. Ann Rice and Sue Grafton novels, unabridged are two faves, as well as Ram Dass lectures. Anyway, this occupies my mind to still think but not about my life… my body is tired and boom, it falls asleep. If I wake up, I listen again and I usually go back to sleep in 30 minutes.

    The other thing is Klonopin. I take only 1/2 a tablet but I fall asleep and stay asleep. Different than Ambien. Sorry for the novel.


    Maybe my post will put you to sleep, lol!

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