It seems there are some blips with the shift to the new site.  Many of the old links to previous posts no longer work, sorry, but I probably won’t fix those.  If you are really interested in where a link went to, let me know and I’ll figure it out perhaps. 

 Also, you’ll notice some posts are now password protected.  If you know my mom, you may ask her to give you the code 🙂 

 Lastly, if anything else seems strange, let me know, thanks.



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3 responses to “Blips

  1. OKP

    I don’t know your mom, nor do I know you — or, I think, anyone you know…does that make me worthy to keep the secret of the password? Or someone who won’t understand (and there fore doesn’t need to read) the passworded material?

    Ah, yes, incomprehensible mutterings from an insatiably curious, ardent reader.

  2. OKP (and other interested bloggers I know…or don’t know I suppose I should say!), if you send me an e-mail at msmsapples@gmail(dot)com I’ll send out the password.

  3. Welcome to WordPress! The password-protect feature was why I switched. It’s been pretty cool…hope you enjoy it, too.

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