Gotta Do The ‘Do

Speedy G is one of my secret favorites. I know I’ve mentioned this, but the kid is so small and sweet, you just can’t help but to adore him.

One of his notable features is his hair. It’s jet-black and he wears it all slicked up and back. It bounces around and I tend to tease him that I am going to rumple it up and ruin his chances with the ladies.

In any case, the students came up from lunch today soaking wet from running around in the snow/sleet for all of recess. Why they let them out in that weather is beyond me, but that’s a different tangent.

Speedy G’s hair was soaked and it was the first time I’ve ever seen it flat on his head. I made some sort of comment about how I’d never seen it like that and how he looked totally different without it sticking up all over the place. He seemed a bit disgruntled and just ignored me.

We went back to work and Speedy G got up shortly after class began and took the pass. Just as a matter of record, I don’t really have a system for the bathroom pass other than, if you need to go, just get up and go. If a kid goes all the time, or takes too long, we sit down and have a chat about how the bathroom pass isn’t for wandering around in the hallway, but otherwise I just let them do their thing. It’s kind of like my gum plan, and it works pretty well.

Speedy almost never leaves the room during class, so after about ten minutes I was starting to wonder what had happened. A moment later he came strutting back into class.

It took only a split-second for me to notice that A) he was no longer in a foul mood, B) he was holding a brush and C) his hair was all spiky again.

“Speedy, did you leave class to go to the bathroom just to fix your hair?!” I asked.

“Miss! I needed to get my mojo back!” he said with a grin.

I couldn’t help but laugh for a minute because he just seemed so proud of himself and really, to hear someone that’s only 4 ft tall talk about his “mojo” (and how it comes from having perfectly styled hair) is highly entertaining in my book.



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3 responses to “Gotta Do The ‘Do

  1. 17 (really 15) more years

    Only a fellow middle school teacher can appreciate this story- I love middle school kids too. Today I had mine singing “The Galaxy Song” from Monty Python- most of them sang, but a few chose to dance. Who couldn’t love kids who would do that?

  2. Sydney

    If I remember correctly, I had just about that exact interaction with my nephew when he was about 10 years old…! No Sh*t. T! LOL

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