Can I have my class back to myself please?

How about just one day where I can teach them by myself?

Pretty please?





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3 responses to “*Sigh*

  1. Mimi

    Oh I know how you are feeling. Isn’t the winter break coming up?? Won’t you get them back for a bit then??

    Also, I don’t think it’s completely ridiculous to ask for a day back for yourself…after all, they are your babies…

  2. Sydney

    Not being a teacher myself, I’m confused. You did not seem to have any of these people in your classroom in your first year…and didn’t seem to mention them in your second I think… is there some new policy that’s been instated or do they let first year teachers wing it before they sick these folks on them… or is it that you are such a model teacher that they want all kinds of people to figure out what your secret-of-success is?

  3. Woodswoman

    This comment is really for Sydney, I guess. But typically a new teacher doesn’t get observers and student teachers, unless the observers are higher-level staff, right, Ms. M?

    And I do agree with Sydney about the fact that the admin does think you are an excellent teacher, so they also “know” you can “handle” newbies in your class. What they don’t know or care about, obviously, is that a good teacher ALSO BURNS OUT with IDIOTS in her room and outside her doorway yelling at one another!!!

    You go, girl. You gotta hope there is a heaven or at least that you can come back as a famous, highly-paid person in the next life, paid JUST because you’re so f***ing AWESOME!


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