Not Quite Right

I love having days off during the week because it gives me the opportunity to lounge about and watch a whole new variety of crappy tv shows. I am currently watching the new version of the Price is Right, and I have to say, it’s just not the same without Bob! Drew is fine as a comedian and actor in other things, but Bob’s shoes are hard to fill and Drew just isn’t cutting it. He talks too fast!

I really am going to pull myself away from the television by noon and do something more productive.



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3 responses to “Not Quite Right

  1. HappyChyck

    I blew my whole day watching crappy tv and trying to get Christmas present ideas online. Total waste of a day. Hope yours turned out more productive than mine.

  2. J

    meh. days off are FOR chilling out and watching tv!

  3. EMR 2044

    the new price is right is on? i figured it would suck. part of the success of the original was knowing that bob barker was macking all over the beauties off-stage. he was a stud. he also had a nice, dry sense of humor that you could relate to, but he took his job seriously. somehow drew carey doesn’t fit this image….he doesn’t seem like a macker, nor serious…the beauties probably ridicule him off-stage. i will reserve final judgement until i see it, however. speaking of which, i had off friday. what was i doing? why didn’t i watch this show?

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