Fitting them all together

Seating charts. I hate making seating charts. I have 30 students in one of my classes, who from this point on will be known as The Beasties, and we don’t have desks, we have tables. Big, ugly, awkward tables. Tables that seat 5-6 students. I have to arrange The Beasties so that they are basically productive and not causing tons of havoc. There are 10 ‘un-seatable’ students in this class. Un-seatables are those kids who really should be sitting by themselves because they just can’t manage to behave properly when they are with other kids. 10 problems, 5 tables. It’s like putting together an impossible puzzle! At this point I am just trying to minimize the chaos.

I haven’t written much about this class…I guess I was waiting for them to settle down or something? Riiight…. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly. Let’s have some introductions:

Mouth II – That’s right, remember our lovely friend the Mouth from last year? I have been blessed with her younger sister, who is not quite as mouthy as the older version, but it’s still early in the year so we’ll see what happens. She is part of a group we’ll call the “Surly Girls”, who might be the death of me this year. These ladies make up 5 of the 10 un-seatables.

Twitch – He just CAN’T stop moving. I really think it might be physically impossible for him to sit still, but I have to be forgiving because he’s one of the teeny-tiny ones and he is just so freakin’ cute.

Clingers – This kid needs so much attention. He wasn’t particularly successful last year but he is attempting to do better. His self-esteem is really low, and while I’m really pulling for his success, he drives me nuts! He lies, lies, lies, which just gets old after a while. He is also a bit unbalanced… it’s hard to put into words, but there’s just something…off.

There are so many more, but I’ll introduce them another day.



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3 responses to “Fitting them all together

  1. HappyChyck

    I have Twitch 1-5 this year. Arg! So many! One is severe, and I let him get up and move around sometimes if he doesn’t disrupt others. I took him on the field trip to see a Shakespearean performance, and I was seriously concerned that he would not be able to sit still so I offered for him to sit next to me, as I’m a wiggly person, too. He opted not to, and in the end he was able to sit through the performance. I’m sure it took all his might to sit still!

  2. Mimi

    Sounds like a handful. I think teachers should also be required to be experts in logic puzzles. I just switched everyone’s seats, reading partners and guided reading groups last week and sat staring at my little chart thinking about what a mental cluster f*ck the whole thing was…

  3. Mrs. Bluebird

    I hate seating charts as well which is one reason why I do mine with the names on post-it’s. It gets old erasing names and redoing the chart; now all I do is move post-it’s around. Fortunately this year it hasn’t been that bad, but some years I’m sitting there looking at 7 tables and 10 kids who really need to be isolated. The room only has 4 corners to stick them in!

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