Trick-or- do we have any pennies? Gum? Anything?

Ah Halloween. The kids are hyped up on loads and loads of sugary goodness, and are just so totally not interested in school. We are not allowed to have any sort of Halloween celebrations or parties at the school, I get why, but it’s still a major bummer.

Last year I came to school wearing a bright pink wig, and I got reprimanded, but it was worth it. This year I skipped the wig but I brought candy (adding to the hyper-mania) which was a huge success, of course. It was a good day, and we all went home happy. Until now…

For the last 3 years I have not had a single trick-or-treater because it’s NY! I live in a building with almost no kids, so no one shows up. Every year I buy candy and every year I end up eating most of it because there are no kids. Every year until this one. I’ve had 3 sets of kids come by, and I have nothing to offer! What a schmuck I am. I am going to have to turn the lights off and just pretend I’m not home. Either that or I need to get off my ass and go buy some candy…


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One response to “Trick-or- do we have any pennies? Gum? Anything?

  1. IB a Math Teacher

    Get your pink wig and go around the ‘hood and collect some candy. Then go home and give it away. The only drawback is that the kids get less variety because you’re giving away the same candy as your neighbors.

    This way, kids are happy and you can feel like a kid again!

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