Mt. Grading Pile

First drafts of personal narratives were due this week. Initially, I was thrilled and proud of the students that they all managed to get them turned in on time. Then I carried them all home and realized I have to now read them and figure out where we go next. This is the double-edge sword of high homework completion rates.

I also have 90 quizzes to grade. I hate grading those. I also hate giving them, but I am determined to increase spelling proficiency this year, and part of my multi-angled approach to this includes weekly vocab quizzes. We are using cartoons, mobile sentences, and ‘super bonus challenges’ to achieve this end, but I find that it’s more effective if you also quiz them.

In addition, I am starting a new SS unit on Tuesday and lugged home half of my lessons from last year so I can plan out the next two weeks and work on the changes that need to be made.

All added up, I have about 5 inches (and 8 pounds) of paperwork in my bag. Maybe I’ll skip the gym and just cart it around all day…



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3 responses to “Mt. Grading Pile

  1. 17 (really 15) more years

    Just reading your post, I’m so glad I left most of the crap I have to grade in school. I graded one set of quizzes (painful) and I have 2 classes of lab reports to grade (doubly painful).

    I wanna cry.

  2. Mimi

    I agree with 17!!

    The worst is when you lug all that crap home and then don’t touch it. Try to enjoy part of the long weekend!

  3. HappyChyck

    I just collected my major essay of the quarter. I don’t even want to start, but I did indicate that most students would have the essays back in their hands for final revisions later this week. It’s my goal to make my life a living hell this week so I can relax over the weekend.

    I’m with ya…ugh…

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