Pizza Personification

I have a new favorite. I really didn’t think it was possible that I would ever adore a student as much as I adore Goofball, but apparently, it is. Speedy G is easily the sweetest and most hilarious student I have currently! On Friday I had a pizza party for my homeroom because they won the September ‘Homework Challenge’ – basically the class that has a higher percentage of homework handed in gets a prize at the end of the month.

In any case, after everyone was done eating the kids were just hanging out and I was wrapping up the leftover slices. Speedy G came up and asked, “May I?”

I assumed he wanted to eat the piece of pizza.

I watched him place the slice on the table, and peel off a few circles of pepperoni. He then proceeded to draw smiley faces on them with a magic marker. With a look of sheer delight he came back over to me and introduced them as “A couple of happy little pepperonis! Isn’t that like personification Miss?”

I almost couldn’t answer him I was laughing so hard. Partly because he drew on the meat, but also because we are in fact reviewing personification.

It is exactly this kind of kooky behavior that makes me want to teach middle school forever!



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2 responses to “Pizza Personification

  1. Sydney

    Tha’s odd — I commented on this a few days ago and it didn’t show up…

    I’d said that goofball was so entertaining (in your reports, that is) that if you’ve found someone you like as much or more, I’m looking forward to hearing HIS stories this coming year.

  2. Mrs. Bluebird

    Kids like that are one of the reasons why I love teaching middle school. True, most people say “I’m so sorry”, when they find out what grade I teach, but honestly, they are just the funniest critters on earth. The most frustrating at times, but if you can see the humor and beauty in them, they are joy.

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