I swear, 7th graders are shrinking. I have some teeny-tiny little kids this year! I suppose there are always a few really little ones that haven’t begun the growth spurt yet, but I have a whole slew in my current classes. It almost makes me feel like I’m teaching 4th grade…

One of the current peanuts cracks me up. We’ll call him Speedy G since that’s who he sounds like when he speaks. He’s super tiny but his personality is GIGANTIC. He has so much energy, is always smiling, very dramatic, and totally gets my sarcasm. The other day, Ms. Science was in my room while we were doing some independent reading. He was doing everything he could to not read. He wanted a drink, needed a new book, had to tie his shoe, asked to change his seat, told me his head hurt, claimed he finished his book…you name it, he tried to use it as an excuse. Ms. Science was completely amused and decided that while it would be a shame if he were illiterate, he could probably get by on his looks and charm…


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  1. Mrs. Bluebird

    Good gracious, I thought I was the teacher with the tiny little seventh graders. My boys, especially, are so tiny!!!

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