It’s like an addiction

I walked into Staples with the perfectly innocent goal of purchasing a few packs of my favorite ‘teacher pens’ since they were on sale. This is what I walked out with

I can’t seem to escape the desire to buy folders and glue! Seriously, I’m such a nerd. At least I managed more self control than last year…although I suppose that is what Teacher’s Choice is for. In any case, this year I had plenty of markers etc from the start so this is mostly filler supplies.

Too tired to post much more at the moment, but the year is off with a bang…


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2 responses to “It’s like an addiction

  1. Mimi

    For me, it’s felt pens and crayons. I could build you a house out of crayons only. Or pencils. I have a weakness for those too. Who can resist those back to school prices?

    I think to be a teacher, you have to have that deep down and oh so nerdy love of organizational/back to school supplies…or at least that’s what I tell myself!!

  2. Miss!

    I LOVE school supplies. I found myself going to an office supply store every Sunday this summer (after reading the ads).

    I still had things from last year and had no reason to buy much else, but it’s like a sick addiction. I sense a support group in the making.

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