A Meme To Start Off the Summer

Elementary History Teacher has tagged me for a meme 🙂 Here it is, and I shall tag these 8 bloggers in return:

Not Quite Grown Up
How A Second Year Teacher Lives
Flora Flings Filings
Happy Chyck Wonders
Mild Melancholy
Mr E’s Blog
Irrational: A Math teacher’s notebook
17 More Years

The rules are 1. Let others know who tagged you. 2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. 3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. 4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

And here are the 8 random facts…

1) I have a double-joint in each of my thumbs that allow me to twist the thumb backwards and touch back of my hand.

2) On the 4th of July it will be three years since I’ve had a cigarette.

3) I went just a little bit loopy in the few months after I had the aforementioned ‘last smoke’. When I went to the doctor complaining that I had turned into a depressed mess they told me that I shouldn’t have quit smoking cold turkey (nice…very helpful thank you). Apparently my body was taking its sweet time learning how to re-regulate the natural endorphins since I was no longer stimulating their production via nicotine. It took about 6 months before I felt ‘normal’ again. Some of my friends occasionally refer to this period as ‘the crazy days’, lovingly of course…

4) I am totally anal about certain kinds of organization, but I am too lazy to follow through with actually getting everything put together the way I want it.

5) I went to summer camp on a farm in Northern California. It was nearly a month long and was the highlight of my middle school/early high school years. It was where I learned to do a lot of things including: shave my legs, kiss with tongue, love Bob Marley, milk a cow, deal with a hornet sting when I was on a hike more than an hour from the closest band-aid, and just let it go and be myself. I watched a calf being born one year, castrated a pig, sheared a sheep, swam in a murky lake, cooked pancakes over a campfire, helped grow some veggies, and all kinds of other wacky things I might never have done otherwise.

6) Right after I graduated from High School I packed my car up and drove to Santa Cruz with my high-school boyfriend. (This was more than 1000 miles from home and we originally were headed to San Francisco, but the draw of the beach in S. Cruz was stronger than the allure of the city) We lived there all summer in a big house with a bunch of college kids. I worked part-time as a telemarketer and spent all of my money at the beach boardwalk. It was awesome.

7) I know I’m supposedly an ‘adult’, but, I’m completely amused by Rob and Big, Jackass, and Scarred.

8) I have a terrible memory for names. It took me weeks to learn my student’s names and there were only 65 of them! Sometimes I am introduced so someone and it’s like my brain doesn’t even register the name at all because I forget it almost instantly. I should work on that…

And there you have it, 8 random things about me 🙂



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4 responses to “A Meme To Start Off the Summer

  1. 17 more years

    I’m honored (and a bit shocked) to be tagged! Now I have to come up with 8 bloggers to tag.

    For now, almost everything you never wanted to know about me and didn’t need to ask can be found at

    Enjoy day 1!

  2. happychyck

    Three years without a cigarette! Good for you! I’m impressed that you went the cold turkey route, too. My sweetie smoked for about 20 years. He wanted to quit when he met me, and the day he put his mind to it, he just did it. Maybe the two of you can transfer some of your will power to me so I can lose weight!

    Thanks for the tag. You can check out the 8 thrilling things about me over at my blog now!

  3. Jules the Crazy

    those are some very interesting facts. thanks for sharing and i second the congrats on three years with no smoking!!
    thanks for the tag. you’ve given me some good ideas with yours. 🙂

  4. Not Quite Grown Up...

    Thanks for the tag! I’ve posted my 8 things.

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