Our school had 8th grade graduation on Friday. I am completely against the idea of the ‘graduation’ because really, it’s 8th grade. I’m fine with some sort of moving-up ceremony, but is it necessary to have the whole cap and gown thing? In any case, I have no control over this, but at least this year they managed to finish it in an hour (last year it was 3 hours!!!). This group had all the kids from my very first set of classes, some of them have grown so much in just these few years, it was a little strange to think that this was it and I won’t see most of them again.

After the ceremony there were the pictures and the hugs and all of that jazz. I was doing just fine until my Hell-raiser from last year came over to give me a hug. He thanked me and told me I was the only teacher who ‘gave a shit’ about him (his exact words) and told me he would miss me next year. Yeah, that’s when I lost it…cried like a little baby girl. That kid has a very steep hill to climb in his life and I really hope he makes it.



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  1. 17 more years

    I know the feeling- our 8th grade graduation was Thursday night, and I still think all the festivities and amenities (senior trip, class rings, “prom” complete with gowns for the girls) is completely over the top. The best part for me is seeing the older brothers and sisters of the graduates- some of them are in college now- and to have them run over and hug me and tell me how much I meant to them- well, break out the Kleenex!

  2. Anonymous

    This is the kind of incident that lets me (and you) know that you have chosen your profession well. I think a hug from a Hell Raiser and a comment like the one he made to you makes up for all the puke you will have to clean up on that Pocono Mountain bus for the next decade or two!

    I’m very very proud of you, and hope you recognize what great work you are doing. So often when a famous, accomplished adult gets up to make a speech or a presentation, or accepts an award, there is a teacher, ONE teacher, that person remembers, one who really made all the difference in their lives . . . the one that guided that turn around the corner, from being lost in the shuffle to heading for success, whatever that might be in one young person’s life.

    Perhaps it’s “just” the success of finishing high school, or turning down that needle as a temporary bandaid for the immediate pain of life, etc.

    You go, girl!


  3. elementaryhistoryteacher

    I agree that the whole cap and gown thing is a little over the top. Some things are worth waiting for at the appropriate time. Around here most of the middle schools have awards day or evening. It suffices.

    I wanted to let you know that I have tagged you for something. Come discover what it is.:)

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