Young Love…

It’s finally happened. The romance that has been brewing between Goofball and Attitude Girl for the last 9 months has blossomed into full-blown ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ status. I caught them kissing in the stairwell by the nurse’s office this afternoon. I broke it up and threatened that if I ever again saw so much as the slightest puckering of lips on school property I would drag both of their grandmothers in and describe their naughty doings in explicit detail. They stayed away from each other for the rest of the day. I feel slightly hypocritical doing this since I was busted in the band stairwell making out with Blake M. (resident middle school bad-boy) when I was in 8th grade. Whatever. I’m obligated since I am, after all, a “responsible adult”.



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3 responses to “Young Love…

  1. Sydney

    well, finally… He broke down her defenses… talk abou HARD to get! I am dying to know where things are at come fall… if you can possibly remember to give us a report in 3 months if you see them in the halls when classes begin again it would be priceless.

    Hope you had a good mem day

  2. Proverbs16three

    I had to go back and read the previous posts to get the context. This was HILARIOUS!!! Maybe I missed it, but what grade do you teach again? I think every class has a goofball. Thank you for sharing yours with us!

  3. Ms M.

    Ah yes, there is a goofball in every class, I hope to have another like him next year because those kinds of kids make you see the humor even through the frustration 🙂 I teach 7th grade…one of the ‘crazy’ years…

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