So Close To JUNE!!!!!!

Must survive until the end of May….

I swear, this is the hardest month. I am sleepy and have very little to write at the moment. The only entertainment from the students has come from (shocker) Goofball, who hid behind one of the classroom closet doors and made weird growling animal noises for 20 minutes this afternoon. I ignored it for as long as possible and finally squirted him with the water bottle that I use to clean my transparency sheets. He wasn’t nearly as amused by that as I was.

We have a science fair coming up soon and lets just say I am thanking the Education God that I am not a science teacher right now. There are all kinds of people from the region and different schools coming to be guest judges and this is causing a great deal of stress for the science staff. I’ve been trying to help the kids get the writing part of their projects done, we’ll see how it all turns out. Perhaps if I’m motivated I’ll post some pictures.


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One response to “So Close To JUNE!!!!!!

  1. Sydney

    Now we know one of the many reasons why you named him GOOFBALL.

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