The most recent major assignment the students had was a writing project using the Bill of Rights as applied to many of today’s issues. As I was grading them this weekend, there were two statements that I found amusing.

The first is from Goofball who was writing about the death penalty. He wrote: “The 8th amendment states that people shouldn’t be punished to mush.” I totally agree, being punished to the point where you resemble baby food would very sad indeed.

The second comes from a student who was writing about gun control. “Some people think they need a gun for protection. We have armies and police departments to protect us. If you want protection put an alarm in your house. Also if you want protection you have pans and cooking materials to protect you.” Ok, I can sort of see the rational in the ‘pans’, but what does he mean by ‘cooking materials’? Spatulas? Perhaps one could spray some Pam in the eyes of an intruder…?


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