The Claw

Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices to school. Personally I could care less, and my policy tends to be that if I don’t see or hear it then I don’t have a problem with it. Sometimes I like to play music and as a reward I’ll plug in a student’s Ipod so they can have some of ‘their’ music. The problem is, when kids bring this stuff (phones, PSP’s etc) to school, eventually someone steals something. It’s been like a little epidemic this week.

On Monday Cartoon Boy had a game with him and set it on the table next to him in one of his classrooms. Why he had the game out is beyond me since he didn’t even have the game system with him. Perhaps it was for bragging since it was apparently a pretty hot new game. In any case, the thing is tiny, about the size of a memory card for a digital camera, and someone swiped it. All I heard was screaming, some crashing and then a kid ran into my room and shouted, “Miss! Cartoon Boy just turned into ‘The Claw’! Come quick!”

Cartoon Boy got his name because all he does all day is doodle cartoons. One of his favorites is ‘The Claw’, which is also like his alter ego. When he goes ballistic in class he claims that he shouldn’t be punished for the behavior because it wasn’t really him, it was ‘The Claw’ and he has no control over that thing. This only happens very occasionally and it’s pretty freaky. His face gets all twisted up and his breathing gets ragged and his body literally curves like a claw. I can usually get him to calm down by reminding him that “A hero uses his power for good, not evil, and I know that deep down, ‘The Claw’ wants to be good, so let’s try and bring that part back’.

In any case, he was throwing books around the room and making all kinds of animalistic noises, so we cleared the rest of the kids out and as soon as that happened he just collapsed on the floor and started sobbing hysterically. He puts on a good show, but really it was just hurt and anger that someone stole from him, and fear that his mother was going to kill him because she just bought the game for him and he knew he shouldn’t have brought it to school. I made him clean up the room, apologize to the teacher, and call his mother to tell her what happened. I feel bad for the kid. He’s got a lot of creative energy that is not channeled by school, It’s a bummer he hasn’t learned how to control all of that, but inside he really is a sweet goofy kid and hopefully he’ll figure it out.


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  1. Sydney

    Wow – this is an amazing story. I can’t quite picture what happens to this kid when he “transforms” before your eyes… but I also can’t picture what I’d do if I saw it for myself and was his teacher.

    If there’s a pedistal in the vicinity, I think you need to step up on it, and pat yourself heartily on the back for thinking up such great stuff to tell him. I’m simply astonished at your ability to handle sh*t like this so productively. If only I could be so creative dealing wtih all the insane adults I deal with in daily life!!!!

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