Old Lady

I bent down to get a sock from the floor this morning and somehow pulled a major muscle in my lower back. I could barely stand for more than about a half an hour, and sitting down was not an option. I managed to get to school and basically made it through the day. The tables are a good height for me to lean on, so after hobbling around for the first half of class I propped myself against Table #4 so I could rest. Goofball came over and asked me what was wrong and I told him I had pulled a muscle and that my back really hurt. He replied (very innocently I should add):

“Oh Miss! My grandma hurts her back all the time, do you want me to give you a back rub?”

I politely declined, but told him he must be a good grandson to rub his grandma’s back.

This is the 2nd time it’s happened to me. The first time, which was years ago back when I was still in college, I couldn’t move at all so I ended up in the E.R. where I had a very interesting time discovering what happens when you mix Valium, muscle relaxers and intravenous morphine (all administered by the doctors!), but that is a story for another day.



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3 responses to “Old Lady

  1. Jules the Crazy

    holy crap! you went to the EMERGENCY ROOM and then went BACK TO SCHOOL?! crazy girl! take a break if you can hardly stand!!

    i hope you find time for lots of REST, and that it gets better soon!

  2. Ms M.

    eep! That would not have been good… The post mushes it all together, but the first time I threw my back out (a few years ago) I went to the ER. This time it wasn’t so bad so I didn’t need the hospital…I would be pretty wary of attempting to teach all loopy on those kinds of meds…

  3. Jules the Crazy

    oh, good. guess i skipped over that clarification. 🙂

    and now i’m thinking that teaching while loopy might be fun and also easier! ha!

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